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ADN-1B: Respiratory

Respiratory FAILURE & Ventilators Playlist Titles

Make sure to view all 7 videos.  Click on the  Playlist button to see the full title list.

Michael Linares'  7 video titles are listed below.

1. Two Main Causes of Acute Respiratory Failure *Part 4* (Ventilation vs. Quality) (9:26 min.)

2. Acute Respiratory Failure vs. ARDS *Part5* for Nursing Students (5:13 min.)

3. Four Steps of Diagnosing ARDS *Part 4* (3:43 min.)

4. Four Stages *Part 1* of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (7:40 min.)

5. ARDS Nursing Interventions *Part 1* (Medications too) (6:06 min.)

6. Ventilatory Settings & Modes *Part 3* (AC vs. SIMV, RR, FiO2) (9:38 min.)

7. Two Ventilator Alarms *Part 3* (Pressure Increase or Decrease) (4:44 min.)


Respiratory FAILURE & Ventilators - Michael Linares (7 videos/45 min.)