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Research Skills: Evaluating


Evaluate your information using the CRAAP test. 

C urrency: 

When was it written?
Is the information out-of-date for your topic?
R elevance:
Does this relate to your topic?
Who is the intended audience?
Is it at an appropriate level (i.e not too elementary or too advanced)?
A uthority:
Who wrote the information? Who published it?  
Is the author qualified to write about the topic?
Is the author's credentials or contact information provided?
A ccuracy:
Where does the information come from?  
Is the information supported by credible sources?
Does the information seem unbiased?
Are there spelling or grammar mistakes?
P urpose:
What is the purpose of the information?  To persuade? To educate? To sell something?
Do the authors/sponsors make their intentions clear?
Are there political, cultural, institutional or personal biases and opinions?
See Meriam Library's "Applying the CRAAP Test" for more information.

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